black panther 2 release date Announced

Marvel Studios unveiled the first Black Panther film during Comic-Con in 2022, after unveiling the trailer at their presentation.

Almost 200 million people watched the new trailer in 24 hours, and many of them loved it.

The trailer finally came, with the unfortunate news of T'Challa's death and the introduction of Namor. War with Namor is to be expected in the November film.

Fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting more news about the upcoming release of The Black Panther 2

There has not been any news as to when fans will see Wakanda Forever, but Black Panther premieres in theaters on February 16.

New Black Panther footage includes bits on Iron Man and Captain Marvel

Fandango released a new sizzle reel to celebrate National Cinema Day, September 3. It will feature footage from upcoming films like Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Harry Styles' My Policeman.

Now, fans of Black Panther can eagerly await the release on November 11 of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.