Full electric Sportbike Ultraviolette f77 know launch date, features and price

People are waiting a lot for this electric bike.

Let us tell you that this bike is going to be a fully sport bike, due to which its price is also going to be very high.

ultraviolette F 77 top speed The Ultraviolette F 77 electric bike has a top speed of 147 km/h.

ultraviolette F77 charging time:

Talking about the charging time, the charging time is 5 hours, but if you use fast charging, then it gets fully charged in just 1:30 hours.

In this bike, you have got a range of 200 km with all the three batteries.

Ultraviolette F 77 bike price in India is more than 3 lakhs.

According to the company, you will get it in the market in the coming few months. The way people are eagerly waiting for them, the company has kept the ultraviolette F 77 launch date June July. 2022

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